My food your Pan

Well, here we are and… who we are?

I like to think that we are an international team of chef and with our special project My food your Pan, we would like to share our knowledge, our story and our typical food with you.
Are you ready to enjoy one of our funny online cooking classes?


Federica Mannoni,
Federica, was born in La Maddalena, a small island of Sardinia Island, where she lives for an half of a year and for the other half she lives in Milano.
She is a cook in her Agriturismo Lu Salconi and organise sardinian cookig classes travelling abroad (already been in London, Zurich, Budapest etc) and working for Eataly and other cooking school.
She has learned in the kitchen of her grandmother and her mother and then she has attended some cooking courses and she has learned working in the restaurant kitchen.

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Akash Mhetre
After quiting his corporate job, being a Finance and SAP consultant 5 years ago he went on a travel and discovered his passion for cooking. His intention is to spread his cooking ways around the world. Which is influenced by the principles of Ayurveda and modern cooking styles (Vegan, gluten free).
He made his first cooking class in Brazil followed by doing classes in many well known cities like Lima, Medellin, Mexico City, Playa del Carmen , Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Hamburg, and many other for more than 3 years.
Now he is doing cooking classes online so don’t miss this opportunity.

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Fanny Sorrentino

Fanny Sorrentino is half French and half Italian, she lives in Lyon. After 8 years as project manager in public policies and pedagogy, she decides to write about food and cook !
Everything in her life is about olive oil, family food and simple recipes ! She organises classes about traditional Italian and French food.

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